Our organization

Meta Mafia is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) operating on the metaverse. Our primary purpose is to enrich the organization and its active members. Hierarchy is fully dynamic, and the very top is achievable by anyone who owns at least one Meta Mafia NFT. The core of the Mafia consists of various social relations between our members. How did you get that position? Do you have valuable skills, extraordinary charm, or did you simply bribe one of the top-dogs?

Guns for hire

The Mafia will have many work opportunities for its members - uplifting them from common thugs to high ranking crime executives. Everything is based on each member's skill and dedication. From community ambassadors to qualified market analysts that manage the funds in the Common Off-shore Bank Account - everything is on the table. All positions will provide real value and utility for enriching the organization. The way in which our Mafia makes money and what freelance opportunities it deems necessary will be determined by Regional Cliqa Leaders in the Council.

Why Ethereum?

Currently, Ethereum gas fees are at a sufficiently low level, where anyone can mint and trade our NFT's. In our family, we believe in accessability, and OpenSea is currently the largest and most widely used secondary market in the space. It is vital that our Mafia members can feel safe with their investment. Ethereum also provides interoperability for our NFT's with many existing De-Fi platforms. This will be vital for our NetVRK metaverse integration.

Meta Mafia NetVRk Partnership

NetVRk is a social virtual world built on the blockchain, that allows users to make and monetize their creations. The Mafia owns multiple parcels of land on NetVRk, securing us a stable parntership. On top of our parcels we'll build our Headquarters with fully designed casinos, game rooms, gyms and shooting ranges, as well as a custom fully fleshed out game inspired by GTA Vice City. The Sky is the limit. Our Headquarters will feature many play to earn elements with the main aim to foster community interaction between our members.

Meta Racket

There are many talented artists and developers on the metaverse that can't protect themselves against the competition. Meta Mafia's racketeers will take care of these individuals in exchange for a continuous submission to the authority of all blood brothers, but more importantly - tribute in the form of NFTs, and a cut from the primary sales, that will go into the common offshore bank account. We'll host all kinds of projects, fitting our standards. Obvious scams will be disregarded (or not, whatever the DAO votes on).

Meta dApps

The Mafia takes care of its own. Its founding members will appropriate multiple dApps. Some accessible only to our members, others will be subscription based and available to everyone. Profits from all dApp ventures go to the organization, not its founders. At the very beginning a generative collection rarity scraper will be available. With it you will be able to have an edge on your competitors, by knowing which NFTs in a collection are the cash cow way before a Rarity Sniper release.

The Team


Project Lead


Lead Developer


Main Artist


Mafia Member


Mafia Member


The metaverse is vast and the Mafia must expand its business. Shortly post launch roles will be assigned fitting each member's skill set and dedication. Leadership roles can't be bought and must be earned. Regional cliqa leaders will get special access to voting rights and allocation of funds from the common Off-Shore bank account. A part of the proceeds from the primary sales will be allocated to start off our organization.


The Mafia's techies will focus on creating many valuable dApps and protocols for its members. The proceeds from this will fuel many future ventures, as well as enrich the users themselves.


Once we have established a name for ourselves, the Racketeering will start. Subservient projects will be given the opportunity to be promoted by the Mafia. The spoils from these projects will not only go to the Common Off-shore Bank Account, but will also be redistributed to all members who have engaged with the community in a given time period.

Cross-chain METAVERSE

Cross-chain metaverse character implementation will make it possible for all Mafia members to exist in multiple metaverses. NetVRk will be our first partner. 15 ETH will be added and reserved for building and sculpting our land in NetVRk. During this period the true community engagement will take place. Clashes between local gang members surely will ensue.

ELITE Organization

With the Mafia running multiple profitable, dividend paying ventures at any given time, more and more individuals will seek to join our ranks. The high demand for our NFTs will inevitably lead to our members being regarded as the rightful elite of the Metaverse.